Beijing, Yunnan 2016 (7) - Fu Xian Lake and Stone Forest
文章來源: xux2017-01-31 12:53:21

Most of Day 7 was spent on driving. We drove from Xishuangbanna to Fu Xian Lake, a huge lake in Yunnan. It is known for its water quality and delicious copper pot fish, so of course we had to try it.

1. Lake side restaurant where we had the copper pot fish.

2. Copper pot fish.

3. Fu Xian Park.

4. Fu Xian Park.

5. Our hotel for the night was in those high-rise building. People buy apartments in those building for investment purpose, and then ask a hotel management company to run it, so the hotel rooms were spread out in different floors.

6. Fu Xian Lake.

7. Fu Xian Lake.

On Day 8 we drove to Stone Forest near Kunming, tour it in bitter cold and light rain. It was the worst weather on the trip. The place is amazing though!

8. Greater Stone Forest.

9. Greater Stone Forest.

10. Greater Stone Forest.

11. Greater Stone Forest.

12. Greater Stone Forest.

13. Greater Stone Forest.

14. Minor Stone Forest.

15. Minor Stone Forest.

16. Minor Stone Forest.

17. Minor Stone Forest.

18. After Stone Forest, we drove to Kunming to eat. The whole meal cost 198 RMB (less than $29).

19. Walking in a park in Kunming.

20. For the night we stayed at Wyndham Grand Plaza Hotel in Kunming, a 5-star luxurious hotel that my friend Jane booked on 11/11 special (Chinese version of Black Friday) for 398 RMB/night (less than $58/night)!

21. A classic Chinese painting in the lobby ...

22. ... that was made of buttons.

23. TV in the mirror.

(To be continued)