BPV (11) - Vienna
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Today really was the last day of the Rick Steves tour since the tour ended the next day after breakfast. We left hotel at 8:45am, walked to the Opera House and toured it with our local guide, Wolfgang. His English was a bit hard to understand sometimes but he really is a funny guy. After the Opera House, we toured the Hofburg Imperial Apartments and the Treasury together. The tour ended inside Hofburg Treasury around 1pm so I got to see the Treasury slowly by myself later. It is amazing!

1. Take a quick walk around the hotel in the morning before group meets. This is St. Stephen's Cathedral right in front of our hotel.

2. St. Stephen's Cathedral.

3. St. Stephen's Cathedral.

4. St. Stephen's Cathedral.

5. St. Peter's Church.


7. Michaelerplatz.

8. Come back to the hotel to meet the group.

9. Vienna State Opera. We were the first group to enter. That was nice.

10. Vienna State Opera.

11. Vienna State Opera.

12. Vienna State Opera.

13. Vienna State Opera.

14. Vienna State Opera.

15. Vienna State Opera.

16. Vienna State Opera.

17. While walking to Hofburg Imperial Apartments, we happened to see some kind of diplomatic ceremony below the Presidential apartments (3rd floor on the left building).


19. The same square again later. Presidential apartments are on the 3rd floor on the left building.

20. Hofburg Treasury.

21. Hofburg Treasury. This Coronation Mantle is made in 1133/34!

22. Hofburg Treasury.

After Hofburg Treasury I wandered around on my own before meeting the group at 6pm for a farewell dinner.

23. Horse-drawn carriages waiting for tourists at Michaelerplatz.

24. Horse-drawn carriages waiting for tourists at Michaelerplatz.

25. Vienna State Opera.

26. Vienna State Opera.

27. Mozart Statue not far from Vienna State Opera.


29. Franciscan Church.

30. Franciscan Church.


32. Johann Strauss II Statue at Stadtpark.

33. Floral Clock next to Johann Strauss II Statue.

34. Kursalon where Johann Strauss II played.

The same Strauss and Mozart concert is played at Kursalon every night. I missed the one last night since it was sold out, so I bought a ticket for tomorrow night.

35. Our farewell dinner. The buffet was really good.

36. We presented our tour guide, Jana, a gift (a scarf made in Austria, each of us pitched in 5 euros for it) and a home-made Thank You card at the farewell dinner.

(To be continued)