Centennial T Party
文章來源: xux2008-09-07 15:56:09

September 27, 2008 marks the 100th anniversary of Ford Model T in production. More than 15 million Model Ts were built from 1908 to 1927, making it the longest run of any single model apart from the Volkswagen Beetle. Earlier this year a Centennial T Party hosted in a small town in Indiana drew over 970 Model Ts from 47 states and 9 countries. Here are some of the beautifully restored Model Ts that we saw at the party.




4. A Model T camper. As the party wrapping up, some Model T owners would put their car on a trailer and tow it home, while others would drive their Model T home. One guy we talked to drove his Model T all the way from San Francisco, California to attend the party in Indiana. That is over 2,300 miles one way!


6. A Model T fire truck.

7. A Model T with two steering wheels. You are always moving forward with this car.



10. Another camper with side that can open up.