It makes no sense to take a single x^x from the infinite complex

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Because it is anything but a standard function like x^a or a^x. So any discussion on x^x in terms of the properties of the well-known functions is irrelevant.  Anyway, the complex structure should be treated as a whole, do not try to analyze it. Otherwise, any outcomes you think having acquired will get you misled. Seems we are not on the same page yet on the monster structure. 


先有限,有通項表達,再證明收斂,然後才有無限,無限且收斂是從有限,即量變到質變的飛躍 -萬斤油- 給 萬斤油 發送悄悄話 萬斤油 的博客首頁 萬斤油 的個人群組 (0 bytes) () 08/09/2021 postreply 21:42:10


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