DIY一個包-Swoon Glenda Clutch with Pokemon Fabric

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I am taking a break from sewing clothes and sewed another bag this week. I sewed Glenda from swoon pattern:


I got this pattern three years ago when I just started sewing. I am a big big fun of Swoon Pattern. I 've bought quite a few patterns from them. All their bags are very well designed.


I made this bag pattern twice before. Those are from my pre-blog era. I have to dig through my old files to find a few photos.







Making bags is pretty complicated comparing with making clothes. There are several different type of interfacing to build up the appropriate 'stiffness', a variety of tiny hardware,and usually require several small pieces. Even though this is the 3rd time I made this bag. Even though this bag is rated 2/4 for beginner, it took me 3 days to sew it up. I found myself needing to read the instructions repeatedly. I have to say the instruction is very well written. I definitely learned a few techniques from making this bag.









Finished product is 11' by 6'. It is very roomy inside:


I cut 2 divider by mistake. The pattern calls for 4. So I did not make the divider 'pocket'.
In my previous Glendas the divider pocket was very bulky, so I don't mind skip the pocket. I just made a divider out of my fashion fabric.




Pokemon fabric is left over from the pajama pants project. I got it from JoAnn's.

Improvement for the next time:

Next time I want to try to make print out the pattern with 75% size so I can make a smaller version.

I just put in another order for more bag making hardware. I want to fill my closet with more more more bags.

A slide show of this little beauty (contain music). Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to come back soon for more.






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